Behind the Scenes:
Joyce Randolph

This "snapshot" was written by Audrey in her book,  Love, Alice.

    Joyce Randolph (Our Trixie) had met her husband-to-be, Dick Charles, when we were working out of the Adelphi Theatre.  Their romance rose in tempo and temperature, apparently, unknown to Jackie.
    One day, we were grabbing lunch at Al & Dick's a great steak and chop place across from the Adelphi.  There were Joyce and Dick lost in each other's arms so completely that their steaks were becoming overcooked on their plates before them from their combined heat.

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   A disturbed and startled Jackie was embarrassed by this public midday demonstration of purple passion.  When we assured him that marriage was just around the corner for the lovebirds, he decided to play genial boss instead of unlikely prude.
   Recalling, I believe, the problem they had replacing Pert Kelton with me in the role of Alice, he dropped a note on the table as we left the swooning Joyce and Dick.   It read:  "Okay, but no babies."